Hi - Star Classics est 1998

Nigel Stark became a 2nd generation rocker in the early 1970's and with his 1970 Triumph motorcycle, it set the look for him until this day.

The life style that he enjoyed ended up as a business for him in 1998. Specialising in British vintage motorcycle apparel up until the early 1980's.

Through his website he has worked with Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Elle, Another Man and GQ magazine to name a few.

There is also a permanent mods and rockers display in Hastings museum in which Nigel dressed "the rocker". It was at Hastings that the "first" battle of the mods n rockers happened in 1964.

Photos of his jackets appear in various books that show the history of the motorcycle jacket by Rin Tanaka

He now specialises in made to order custom jackets